The perfect gaming setup

Looking for your perfect gaming equipment? In this article, you'll learn what you should look out for and how to find your ideal gaming equipment.

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A gaming setup with purple LED lighting, LeetDesk, three monitors and large mouse pad

Gaming equipment is the heart of your setup. It influences your gaming performance as well as your health. But a good setup also helps you to raise your gaming mood and thus to game better!

What does a perfect gaming setup look like? The perfect gaming setup is both functional and aesthetic. It should help to increase your performance as well as your motivation. The peripherals play an important role here. But the most important aspect of a gaming setup is that it expresses you and your personality. You set it up completely according to your needs and preferences. Three monitors, glass mouse pad or configured keyboard? With your setup, you make a statement as a gamer and increase your performance at the same time.

Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are computers designed specifically for use in video games, featuring powerful hardware components and a powerful graphics card. Compared to normal computers, gaming PCs are able to run demanding games with higher frame rates and better graphics quality. They also offer the possibility to individually configure and upgrade the hardware components to achieve even higher performance. The main components of a gaming PC are:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Graphics card (GPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Hard drive (HDD/SSD)
  • Mainboard
  • Power supply
  • Cooling system

The cost of a gaming PC can vary greatly depending on the hardware you install. An entry-level model can cost between 500€ and 600€, while high-end devices can cost several thousand euros. Of course it depends on your budget, but also on the games you want to play with your gaming PC.

Here is a brief overview of which components are best suited for your favourite games:

Gaming setup with laptop

A gaming setup with a gaming laptop offers flexibility and mobility for gamers who want to play on the go or don't have room for a desktop computer. A gaming laptop can be equipped with powerful hardware, including a fast processor, a dedicated graphics card, sufficient RAM and storage space, and a high-quality display. However, the price of a gaming laptop can be higher than a desktop computer with comparable performance, and it can be more difficult to upgrade or replace components such as graphics cards or processors. Still, gaming laptops offer a useful option for gamers looking for a portable gaming solution. You can integrate the gaming laptop into your gaming setup with the right equipment, such as a docking station. This way you can connect all the devices in your gaming setup and enjoy the convenience of larger screens and separate keyboard and mouse. In addition, your gaming laptop can serve as an additional screen.

Gaming Monitor

The organs of your gaming PC (processors, graphics cards, hard drives and memory) work together in harmony in a balanced system to give you the best possible gaming experience - but your monitor is just as important. Only with the right settings and the right choice of monitor will you be able to fully experience what your component selection allows. Here you also have the option to use two monitors and monitor arms in your gaming setup to perfectly match your needs. To get the most out of your monitor or monitors, you need to set them up properly.

The basics for this are:

Gaming Accessories

Although undoubtedly the most important component, the gaming PC or laptop is not the only indispensable gaming setup accessory to complete your individual gaming setup. This includes aspects like sound and headsets, gaming microphone, gaming monitor, gaming tables and gaming chairs, the gaming mouse and the corresponding gaming mouse pad and keyboard. Of course, the decoration in a gaming room should not be missing. If you are particularly interested in what furniture you can use for your gaming room, then our gaming furniture article and gaming room decorating article can help you. The overall picture of the most optimal setup comes together from its individual parts. Only when all the components work together in harmony will you have a gaming setup that you can not only get the best kills from, but also be really proud of. In the following, we will go into detail about each accessory and help you put together your perfect gaming setup.

Gaming mouse

For many gamers, the gaming mouse is the most important element when it comes to performance. This is where trial and error is called for! Every hand and every gaming behaviour is different. So your individual needs for a gaming mouse may be completely different from those of your teammates. In general, you should pay attention to the overall attributes when testing: is the shape, size and weight right? If you want to be a little more precise, you can also take a closer look at the hardware, e.g. built-in sensors, and the gliding feet. In general, you can say that the gaming mouse must feel good to you personally. This also means that a good gaming mouse does not necessarily have to be expensive if it suits you.

Wireless gaming mouse

Wireless gaming mice give your setup a particularly clean look by simply eliminating the cable on the tabletop. This makes everything look tidier in general and offers you more space on the table surface. In addition, a wireless gaming mouse gives you more freedom of movement than a wired mouse. So if your mouse moves back and forth on the table while gaming, a wireless gaming mouse is the better option for you. You don't have to worry about latency: Wireless technology is now better than wired technology in some cases. In the CS:GO Pro scene, for example, the majority play with wireless mice. You also have to keep an eye on the battery level of the mouse. Losing the decisive match because of this would be a disaster. When it comes to purchase costs, you should bear in mind that wireless gaming mice are usually a little more expensive than their wired counterparts.


You can adjust the speed of your mouse in the system or game settings. You should set it to match your hand movement in the game. If you tend to play from the wrist, which we do not recommend from an ergonomic point of view, you should choose a higher mouse speed. This way you can quickly check the area behind you in a first-person shooter. However, if your mouse slides over half the tabletop and you tend to play with larger arm movements, a slower mouse speed makes sense. As mentioned above, the gaming mouse should generally feel good to you. Super-light gaming mice can be moved particularly quickly. But again, it's your preference that counts.

Gaming mouse pad

The most important thing when choosing your mouse pad is the size of your desk. The larger the desk, the more space it offers for your mouse pad. Therefore, it is important to measure your table before buying a mouse pad. Then you should compare the dimensions of your desired mouse pad with the free space of your desk.

Gaming Mouse Pad Sizes

There are four different gaming mouse pad sizes:

  • Small - approx. 32x27cm
  • Medium - approx. 49x39cm
  • Large - approx. 50x50cm
  • Very large - from 90x40cm, covering part or all of the tabletop

Basically, there are no one-size-fits-all mouse pads that are perfectly tailored to everyone. Because every player's needs, setup and playing style are unique. Here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different mouse pad sizes:




Games with high mouse DPI
Takes up little space on the tabletop

Might be too small for some game genres


Games with medium mouse DPI
More room for the mouse to move

Are already relatively large and can take up a lot of space


Games with low mouse DPI
A lot of room for movement for the mouse
Brings colour to the gaming setup

Takes up a lot of space on the tabletop
Can get dirty quickly

Gaming mouse pad surface

Mouse pads are made of different materials that have different properties. Most mouse pads are made of rubber or foam, which provide good friction and control. Other materials used include fabric, leather and even glass and metal. Fabric mouse pads are soft and have good breathability. They are the all-rounder. Leather mouse pads have a chic look and are extremely robust. Glass or metal mouse pads offer a perfect gliding surface, but are more sensitive and more expensive. It is important to choose the right mouse pad material for your needs to optimise performance and gaming experience.

There are mouse pads on the market that are inherently a little "slower" and are therefore ideal for tactical shooters such as CS or Valorant. Although the mouse does not glide as fast on such pads as on other surfaces, they offer excellent "stopping power". This means that it is easier to stop the mouse on the dot and perform precise movements, such as targeting the opponent's head.

In contrast, there are also mouse pads that are very fast, such as those made of glass or hybrid materials. On such surfaces, the mouse glides very easily, which is especially useful when it comes to tracking the opponent or performing fast movements in games like Fortnite or Apex Legends.

In the end, it all comes down to your gaming experience.

Gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are an important component of any gaming setup. A good gaming keyboard enhances the gaming experience and supports you in performing actions. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a gaming keyboard:

Key feel

The feel of gaming keyboards is an important factor for a pleasant gaming experience. Some gamers prefer a clicking sound and firm keystroke, while others prefer a quieter typing sound and softer keystroke. There are also different types of switches, such as membrane switches and mechanical switches, which offer different sensations. Mechanical switches are divided into Linear, Tactile & Clicky. Each group gives a different click feeling and key noise.


The size of a keyboard is an important factor that affects your gaming and typing experience. Standard keyboards have the full keys including a number pad, while compact keyboards are smaller and often remove some keys to save space. Tenkeyless keyboards do not have a numeric keypad and are suitable for players who need less space. You should also consider whether the keyboard is suitable for the games you play. For example, if you like MOBAs and RTS games, you shouldn't do without the F-key row. With shooters, you rarely need them, so space-saving variants are more likely to come into question. The following table provides an overview of the keyboard sizes and the available keys:


Number pad




TKL 80%





Arrow keys

Number of keys



TKL 80%









Gaming keyboards are available in a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Popular materials for keyboards include plastic, aluminium and wood. Plastic keyboards are inexpensive and durable, while aluminium keyboards offer a more premium look and durability. Wooden keyboards have a warm appearance and can be personalised. On the other hand, they are more susceptible to wear and tear.

Key signal latency

Latency, also known as delay, is an important factor affecting the performance of gaming keyboards. The lower the latency, the faster keystrokes are registered and converted. High latency can cause keystrokes to be delayed or even lost. This can be particularly problematic in fast and demanding games. But don't worry, almost all gaming keyboards from renowned manufacturers have a high signal rate, so you don't have disadvantages in the response time.

LED vs. Not-LED

Deciding whether to buy a gaming keyboard with or without LED lighting comes down to personal preference and needs. LED-lit keyboards offer a spectacular effect and can help to make keys easier to recognise, especially in dark environments. On the other hand, lighting can be distracting for some players and can drain the battery more quickly if it is a wireless keyboard.


If you decide on a custom keyboard, there are no limits to your creativity. There are now many different keycap designs: black, white, colourful, with motifs from your favourite game or completely individually designed keycaps. The best thing is that you can change them at any time and give your surroundings a new look. The keyboard in particular can be a real eye-catcher in your gaming setup and give your peripherals a big boost of personality.

Gaming sound

Gaming headset

A good gaming headset should ideally be comfortable and sit well on your head. The ear cups should sit directly above and below your ears. Make sure they don't touch your lymph nodes! Otherwise, wearing headphones for hours on end will be torture. It is firstly important to distribute the weight evenly between the left and right sides so that no pressure points develop on the top of the skull. Buying a gaming headset is hardly any different from buying a pair of shoes. You should first test the headset and put it on to determine the ideal fit. A good gaming headset can also be recognised by its ergonomic fit. Each headset manufacturer and model has its own cut. Take your time and find out which shape works best for you!

Of course, sound quality also plays an important role when choosing a gaming headset.

In general, there are open and closed headphones/headsets. Closed headsets offer the advantage that outside noise cannot penetrate the hearing. However, it should be noted that such headsets often amplify bass frequencies, which can cause explosive sounds to sound overly dominant, while quieter sounds such as opponents' footsteps can be drowned out.

Open headphones are not equipped with a noise-cancelling function, which may make them less than ideal in noisy environments. However, they usually allow for better perception of subtle sound details, which can be important in competitive gaming.

With so much reliance on sound, maximising your audio setup should be a goal for every gamer. But you don't always have to dig deep into your wallet to do so.

More tips on improving your headset sound:

Gaming microphone

Most gaming headsets come with an integrated microphone. The microphone should not restrict your view and should ideally be movable. It's best to test the microphone quality yourself and listen to the recording. To ensure that your teammates understand you, the sound should be clear and as free of noise as possible. You can adjust a few settings in the software, such as microphone sensitivity and volume. If you also stream in addition to gaming, you can switch to a higher-quality microphone model with a microphone boom arm. However, if you value performance and speed in the game, you are better off with an integrated microphone in the gaming headset. Not having a microphone boom arm on the table gives you more visibility and space for quick hand movements with the mouse.

Gaming desk

The desk is the heart of your gaming room, after all, everything happens on it. A good desk should give you comfort and not get in the way of your health, i.e. it should be ergonomic. A height-adjustable desk is therefore a good investment in your health. Do you need help picking your ideal gaming desk? Check out our gaming desk guide.


A gaming desk should not be too small. Your computer, monitors and pro-gamer mouse pad can take up a lot of space on a table. The following section will tell you whether you need a large or smaller desk:

Small gaming desk

Gaming desks of 140 cm or 120 cm are classified as small. Usually only one monitor fits on it, possibly also a small PC - otherwise it has to stand on the floor. The depth is also important here. Gaming monitors often have large feet that require a lot of space. If the table is less than 70 cm deep, you may be limited in the optimal keyboard and mouse placement.

However, you can also save space by using certain accessories, such as a PC mount or a monitor arm.

Large gaming desk

Which size makes a gaming desk large is, of course, subjective. In our eyes, a gaming desk is considered large from 160 cm. Two larger monitors and, depending on the size, a PC can be placed on it without any problems. With three monitors or a streaming setup, it should be a gaming desk of 180 cm or more.

Height adjustability

A height-adjustable gaming desk can definitely be an option to better adapt the desk to your needs and to do something for health and ergonomics while gaming. It's a well-known fact that if you stay healthy for longer, you'll play better for longer.

Find out more about the advantages of a height-adjustable desk here.


A smooth and stable surface is essential for a pleasant gaming experience. Therefore, gaming desks are often equipped with special surfaces designed for the needs of gamers. Popular materials for gaming desks include hard plastic, glass and wood. Hard plastic surfaces offer a smooth finish and are durable, while glass surfaces offer a classy look. Wood surfaces have a warm appearance and can be personalised in various ways. Special surface treatments can also ensure that fingerprints are not visible and generally give your gaming desk a more refined look.

Cable management

To make your gaming setup look as clean as possible, sooner or later you should definitely deal with the topic of cable management. It is advisable to have this in mind when buying a gaming desk. Cable rails, cable nets, cable ties: there are various ways to manage your cable chaos that are already integrated in the desk or can be retrofitted.

You can find out exactly how to proceed in our cable management guide.

Gaming chair

Of course, no gaming room should lack gaming chairs. The gaming chair is a special chair for PC or console gamers that is designed to help maintain a healthy posture while gaming. Whether it ends up being an ergonomic office chair or a professional gaming chair depends entirely on your own taste. However, one rule should be followed: The gaming chair must fit into the room in terms of design. It is important to pay attention to the size of the chair, because your own height and weight play a decisive role in choosing the right chair. After all, the perfect chair should allow natural movements and adapt to its owner. Ergonomic seating can be adorned with a neck cushion for added comfort.

If you want to learn more about what to look for when choosing a gaming chair, check out our gaming chair article.

Gaming Decoration

Decoration can be an important factor in designing a gaming setup to create a unique and appealing atmosphere. Some popular decor items for gaming setups can include posters of favorite games or characters, action figures, collectibles, fan art, plushies, or a matching screensaver. Lighting and colors also play an important role. Plants can also increase the feel-good factor of your gaming setup. Whether a gaming setup is white, dark, minimalist or maximalist, the choice of decoration depends on the gamer's individual taste and can make the gaming experience more immersive. However, it is important to note that overloading the gaming setup with decorations can lead to distraction and affect the player's performance. For a successful setup, a balance between decoration and functionality in the gaming setup background is crucial.


Lighting is an important factor for many gaming setups. There are a variety of options for lighting, including LED strips, RGB lighting and special gaming lights. LED strips can easily be placed around the desk or monitor and provide customisable backlighting in a variety of colours. RGB lighting is also a popular option, offering a wide range of colours that can be adjusted according to the user's preference. Special gaming lights can be attached directly to the monitor or desk, providing focused lighting that can relieve eye strain and enhance the gaming experience. Lighting can also help create a unique atmosphere for the gaming setup. Read more about lighting here.

Clean minimalist setup

A minimalist gaming setup can be a sleek and uncomplicated option for gamers who don't have a lot of space or who prefer an uncluttered work environment. A clean and organised desk surface with few distractions can aid concentration and enhance the gaming experience. A minimalist setup can also be more cost-effective and focus on the essentials of the gaming experience. Standard equipment with a gaming PC or laptop, screen, keyboard, mouse and headset will suffice here. The colours should be simple and coordinated. With targeted accents, more individuality can flow into the design of your gaming setup, e.g. in the form of figures, posters, plants or lighting.

Themed setup

A themed gaming setup can be a unique way to add a personal touch and create an atmosphere that suits your gaming style. Themes can range from fantasy or sci-fi universes to music or movie genres. Themed décor can include various elements, such as murals, decorations, special peripherals or even furniture. For example, a Star Wars-themed gaming set-up may feature lightsaber-like peripherals, murals of spaceships and special lighting to give the feeling of playing in a galaxy far, far away. The themed design can make the gaming experience even more exciting and personal and set the setup apart from others.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme plays an important role in the design of a gaming setup, as it can influence the atmosphere and mood. A consistent colour scheme can help create a consistent design by applying it to all elements of the setup, such as peripherals, lighting, furniture and decorations. It is also important to consider how the colour scheme harmonises with the space to create a comfortable and inviting environment. Ultimately, the choice of colour scheme depends on the gamer's individual preferences and can make the gaming experience more immersive. Dark setups, white setups and natural tones are the most popular.


Decoration can be an important factor in designing a gaming setup to create a unique and appealing atmosphere. Some popular decorative items for gaming setups can be posters of favourite games or characters, action figures, collectibles, fan art, plushies or a matching screensaver. Plants can also enhance the feel-good factor of your gaming set-up. The choice of decoration depends on the gamer's individual taste and can make the gaming experience more immersive. However, it is important to note that overloading the gaming setup with decorations can lead to distraction and affect the player's performance. A balance between decoration and functionality is crucial for a successful gaming setup.


Of course, there is still one important question: How much does a gaming setup cost? The cost of a gaming setup varies greatly depending on individual requirements and wishes. For beginners, a simple computer, a standard keyboard and mouse and an inexpensive monitor for under 500 euros are often sufficient. On the other hand, those looking for more power, high-quality accessories and a gaming monitor with high resolution must expect to pay several thousand euros. The choice of gaming accessories, such as headsets, gamepads and gaming chairs, can also add to the cost. To keep the budget in check, it is advisable to prioritise and consider realistic financial options to create a gaming setup that suits your needs. Here's what the costs might look like for a low budget, mid range and high end setup:

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