Gaming in a new dimension!

The LeetDesk AURA gaming desk with LED, whether day or night, brings your setup to life. With its fully customizable RGB strip, it can display a whole 16.8 million colors and a wealth of customizable effects.

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LeetDesk Aura Classic LED Computer Desk Aerial View

Precise electric height adjustment

The gaming desk can be electrically adjusted in height at the push of a button. This way, you can effortlessly change the height while gaming.

Completely individual

The Aura gives you the freedom to elevate your gaming experience to a new level. With our add-ons, you can create a pleasant, personalized, and comfortable gaming setup.

RGB unleashed

Choose from 16 million colors and numerous effects to create the perfect atmosphere for each game.

Let there be LIGHT

LeetDesk gaming desk with led lights turned off
LeetDesk gaming desk with led lights turned on

Dive into the world of your characters

More than just cool lighting! Elevate your gaming experience to a new level by translating in-game events into lighting effects on the table with the free SignalRGB software.

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Game Sync*

Do you want your Aura to light up red when a bomb ticks in games like CS:GO or Valorant? Or how about the desk on the front reflecting the level of the booster bar in Rocket League? These and many more effects, thanks to the integration of the Aura into SignalRGB, allow you to immerse yourself even deeper into your game.

* A subscription to the SignalRGB Pro Plan is required for synchronization with games.

Hardware Sync

Thanks to the integration of the LeetDesk Aura into the free software "SignalRGB" from our partner, you can quickly connect and synchronize your Aura with the rest of your RGB-capable hardware.

Sync your LeetDesk Aura gaming table's LED lights with your gaming hardware


Transform your Aura desk into a synchronized light show. Thanks to the Audio-Visualizer function, the RGBW-capable LED outer edge can respond to the music in your room.

Sync your LeetDesk Aura gaming table's LED lights with your audio output

Elevate Your Game

When you purchase a LeetDesk Aura, you will receive 3 months of SignalRGB Pro for free

Configure now
Configure all your gaming desk's LEDs with a plethora of effects right from within our app.

App Control

The LED outer edge can be wirelessly controlled using our app. There, you can freely set the color and intensity of the 512 LEDs. Additionally, you can choose from up to 20 configurable effects to display multiple colors or to dynamically set the LED lights in motion.


Our Add-Ons

Cable Management Tray Add-On | LeetDesk

Cable Management Tray


Free your table and floor from cable clutter with the Cable Tray Add-On. The unique double rail design hides cables without looking bulky.

To Add-On
  • All LED Gaming Desks from LeetDesk are electrically height adjustable

    Height adjustable

    Millimeter-precise, electric height adjustment.

  • Control the AURA with LeetDesk and adjust all colors to your preferences

    Numerous effects

    Integrate the Aura into your home setup by adapting it to any color.

  • The Aura table with RGB LED can be further expanded with LeetDesk add-ons.


    Design your personal desk with our add-ons and enjoy the comfort.

LeetDesk AURA - LED Gaming Desk

Bring your gaming experience to new heights with our upcoming product - the AURA: an LED gaming desk designed to revolutionize your gameplay. The Aura isn't just a gaming desk with LED lights; it's a new, immersive way to connect with your favorite games and augment your gaming setup.

Full RGB control with our app

With our dedicated "LeetDesk App", you can effortlessly tweak the Aura's LED effects over Wi-Fi. This intuitive application allows you to adjust the LED intensity, speed and color to your exact specifications, giving you the freedom to create a dramatic light show or a calming, ambient glow at your whim. More than just providing visual appeal, the LED lights on this gaming desk are engineered to enhance your gaming experience, never to distract. The LeetDesk App ensures seamless control over your LED settings, allowing you to personalize your gaming desk without ever leaving your game. The Aura's LED lights aren't merely decorative; they're an integral part of your gaming journey, designed to augment your experience rather than disrupt it.

Smart LED Sync

The Aura isn’t just a desk with LED lights; it’s a smart, interactive part of your gaming setup. We've integrated AURA with the software "SignalRGB", enabling it to sync with your gaming hardware. The RGB computer desk will mirror your game's action in real-time, providing a deeper level of immersion. Whether you're defusing a bomb in CS:GO or keeping track of your booster bar level in Rocket League, the gaming desk with built in LED lights will reflect your in-game status.*


Needless to say, all our desks, including the AURA are fully height-adjustable.

👉 Configure your AURA now!

*Game sync requires SignalRGB's paid "Pro" plan. Customers of the LeetDesk AURA get 3 months of SignalRGB Pro for free.


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