About LeetDesk

LeetDesk was born from a simple idea: To rethink one of the most underrated pieces of gaming equipment and turn it into something that helps gamers play better and healthier.

The Story

July 9, 2017, the ESL One Cologne grand final was in full gear. SK Gaming vs Cloud 9, what an intense match! As Meiko was watching the game with his friends, something started to bother him. It wasn't the missed shots by SK but the fact all players on stage were sitting in the same, fixed position. For quite some time now, Meiko has been working in the furniture industry and knows, how valuable a proper desk can be. Having been a semi-professional CS player himself, he learned it the hard way. After playing countless of hours, his shoulder problems got worse and worse until he upgraded to a sit-stand desk. This helped him set his desk to a height that suited his size and habits better, which helped tremendously with his shoulder pain. Now, having seen the best CS:GO players in the world sit at small, shaky desks with a fixed height got him thinking. Why don't even professionals use proper, height-adjustable desks?

Back at home, Meiko looked at his desk and it dawned upon him. Sure, his desk was adjustable which was great, but it sure looked out-of-place in his carefully crafted setup, consisting of the latest and greatest in gaming gear. Looking to upgrade to a better looking and more stable standing desk, his search left him wanting as there were no appealing products on the market. That's where it all began

The LeetDesk

With a background in material science and his industry knowledge he looked into what makes a sturdy, high-quality standing desk that matches the requirements of pro-gamers. Of course, it also had to be customizable to fit the design of his setup. The first LeetDesk was born! To kickstart his mission - to offer the gaming community and reliable, useful, and of course good looking desks - he teamed up with his high-school and LAN buddy Florian. Less of a competitive player but more of the "Tycoon" type gamer, Florian brought with him the necessary growth hacks to accelerate the business.

LeetDesk went live on June 1st, 2018 and we are more than proud to have been awarded the best gaming desk by many leading magazines.

If you made it this far then thank you for being a loyal LeetDesk fan, you're turning our mission into reality!

The Team

Our team consists of various specialists but first and foremost, we are all gamers! We place high importance on the fact that everyone who works with us can identify with the needs and desires of gamers. Our ultimate goal is not to manufacture desks but to make sure that you enjoy gaming in the best possible way and for as long as possible!

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