With the touch of one button, all LeetDesk computer desks are fully electrically height-adjustable

Standing computer desk for home office and gaming

PC Welt Editor's recommendation as the best height adjustable computer desk for work and gaming
Top excellent height adjustable PC table for work and gaming according to PC Games Hardware
Test winner among all PC desks at Computerbild
LeetDesk is a customizable standing computer desk

As individual as you

All LeetDesk PC desks can be customized to your taste. Whether black or white, 140cm or 180cm, with colored border or without, we offer an extensive selection.

leetdesk pc desks are available in many colors, sizes, shapes, and come with a variety of accessories

Ergonomic thanks to stepless adjustability

All LeetDesk computer desks are infinitely electrically height adjustable. From a low 63cm to 128cm, the right size can be selected for every sitting and standing preference.

computer desks from leetdesk are ergonomic thanks to stepless height-adjustability

Efficiency enhancing features

High quality workmanship Made in Germany

The table top is made out of one piece of 25 mm thick MDF and is manufactured by us in Germany. The sturdy stainless steel frame is TÜV approved and can easily raise and lower hardware over 80kg.

Meaningful accessories

By means of optional add-ons such as cable management tray or PC holder, the space on the table can be maximized and at the same time provide for a nice cable management. Monitor holders, whether for one or for three monitors, provide a flexible workspace. Monitors can be moved, turned around or pivoted in no time at all.

leetdesk pc tables are efficiency enhancing due to its variety of useful accessories

Customize now



Cable Management Tray Add-On | LeetDesk

Cable Management Tray


Free your table and floor from cable clutter with the Cable Tray Add-On. The unique double rail design hides cables without looking bulky.

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