Triple Monitor Arm

The LeetDesk triple monitor arm allows you to mount up to 3 monitors or the LeetDesk laptop tray. Ideal for immersive gameplay, streamers or increased work efficiency.

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Build your cockpit

Keep track of what's happening in your world and get that triple monitor setup you always dreamt about. Attach up to three 29" monitors and arrange them to your liking. Whether you prefer one long arrangement of monitors in landscape mode, two screen on top of each other and one next to them, or something else entirely. Everything is possible.

Build your triple monitor setup with the LeetDesk triple monitor arm

Maximum stability & flexibility

The triple arm features two clamps to make sure nothing is shaking more than needed. Every triple arm comes with extensions to support monitors up to 29". If your setup sports 24" monitors or less, simply remove the extensions for a sleeker appearance. The built-in mechanical springs make the arms easier to move and last longer than arms with gas springs.

The LeetDesk triple monitor mount features double clamps and arm extensions
LeetDesk Triple Monitorarm in white for Gaming Desks - Cable Management
LeetDesk Triple Monitorarm for Gaming Desks - Holds 2 Arms
LeetDesk Triple monitor arm for Gaming Desk - base mount
LeetDesk triple monitor arm for Gaming Desk - support from all 3 arms

So many possibilities


As a streamer, you know you need your screens. Whether you align them horizontially next to each other or if you stack two on on the other, our triple arm makes it possible with ease.


Racing and other sims live of the immersion. With the triple arm you can easily set the outer monitors at an angle to create that in the middle of the game feel.


Lines of code sure can take up lots of screen. To keep the overview, simple pivot one or two of your monitors by 90° and code away.

A triple monitor arm mount from LeetDesk offers many new possibilities for gaming, streaming, and working

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