LeetDesk is the result of a true need: to have a reliable base that promotes health and performance and of course: fits your style. To provide this in the best possible way, we are constantly improving LeetDesk with the help of our partners. Ever since we started we collect valuable feedback from professional e-sports players at events like Dreamhack and Gamescom. Especially our bootcamp partners help us optimize the LeetDesk to meet their high hardware requirements.

Big prepares for next match with LeetDesk
Epic Dudes sponsored by LeetDesk play CS:GO
Increased productivity through efficient work at the LeetDesk
Esports Factory Osnabrueck uses LeetDesk Gaming Desks
The Esports House Germany offers LeetDesk gaming desks at their facilities

Esports House Germany

At Esports House you can feel and live as you know it from home. Each guest has their own space to train. Similar to a hostel, your stay at Esports House will bring you together and improve your skills as a team, whether in gaming or simply in living together.

Enjoy your stay in one of the apartments for gamers, the apartments are adapted to your needs. Here every gamer gets what he needs to live.

Interested in a partnership? We are!

Whether you're an established, successful e-sports team, an up-and-coming team with some major wins under your belt, a bootcamp, or something else entirely, hit us up!

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