PC Holder

PC Holder Mount Black Add-On | LeetDesk

The adjustable PC holder fixes your gaming PC under the desk. So the PC always moves with the table and creates more space on the table.


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More space

By placing your PC directly under the tabletop, cables can be kept short and routed directly to the table surface. Further improve your cable management by having the cables all converge in the LeetDesk cable rail.

End result

A tidy setup with barely visible cables due to ideal PC placement.

Create more space on your gaming desk with the LeetDesk PC Holder for gaming rigs

Sleek design

With the width-adjustable LeetDesk PC mount, you can hang your PC under your desk. Your PC practically moves up and down with your LeetDesk. At the same time, you make room on your gaming desk for more accessories or a clean look.

LeetDesk's computer mount adjusts in width to support different gaming PCs.

Soar above the dust

With the computer mount, cleaning your computer will also be less!

By floating freely in the air, it attracts less dust from the ground, which ultimately benefits the undisturbed air circulation of.

The safest place for your gaming PC

The extremely strong metal supports towers up to 20kg (44 lbs) and thus supports even heavier rigs. The stylish design turns even the most boring tower into an eye-catcher and also leaves windows for your LED lighting.

The LeetDesk PC mount lifts your computer off from the ground and its dust