Cable Management Tray

Cable Management Tray Add-On | LeetDesk

Free your table and floor from cable clutter with the Cable Tray Add-On. The unique double rail design hides cables without looking bulky.


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Easy assembly

The cable tray, specially adapted to the LeetDesk, consists of two parts that are simply screwed under the tabletop. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the tabletop, the cable tray can be screwed under the tabletop in just a few minutes - even retrofitted.

The LeetDesk Cable management tray is easy to assemble

Everything in one place

The cutout on the back of your LeetDesk tabletop allows all cables to be routed directly into the channel in an orderly fashion. With the included reusable cable ties you can additionally tie all cables together for an even cleaner look. The other add-ons such as the monitor arm or PC holder are designed in such a way that all cables can be riveted into the cable rail as easily as possible.

Clean cable management and invisible wiring thanks to the LeetDesk cable rail

Conquer your cable mess

Compact cable management

The cable rail has small openings at various points to carefully guide cables from different areas into the rail and secure them.

Invisible wiring

The cable tray is large enough to fit entire power strips. So you can power all your hardware and the table itself from the channel and only have to run a single cable (from the power strip or extension cord) from the table.

The LeetDesk cable tray is large enough to fit entire power strips.