Gaming furniture

The right gaming furniture and decorative elements for your gaming corner + DIY ideas to make yourself.

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The right gaming furniture and decorative elements for your gaming corner + DIY ideas to make yourself.

Passionate gamers

often spend several hours a day in front of a game console or computer. Many even set up their own gaming room for this purpose. Which ""gaming furniture"" could be useful to furnish your room perfectly and which decorative elements improve the look we show you here.

Sitting and gaming

First of all, your room needs to be appealing and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Nowadays, a lot of different gaming furniture is offered and you can already replace almost every standard piece of furniture with a gaming furniture. Gaming furniture scores especially in the areas of design and functionality. Not only does it look perfect in your gaming room, some gaming furniture even has special and fancy functionalities that you can't find in every conventional piece of furniture. A very important piece of gaming furniture for gamers is of course the seating. Besides the gamer desk, the gaming chair plays a relevant role for the PC gamer or the professional consolero. The relaxed console gamer, on the other hand, rather needs a comfortable gaming sofa, a comfortable gaming armchair or a gaming beanbag.

Gaming chairs

Of course, no PC gaming room should be without a gaming chair. Whether it ends up being an ergonomic office chair or a professional gaming chair depends entirely on your taste and needs. The design of the gaming chair must undoubtedly fit into the room, and in the best case it should also be ergonomic. It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the chair, because your own height and weight play a decisive role in choosing the right chair. Healthy seating furniture can be supplemented by a gaming neck cushion for further comfort.

If you want to learn more about what you should look for when choosing a gaming chair, take a look at our

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A gamer beanbag is also not wrong with a PC gamer to have a little variety. Gaming beanbags can be found in different colors and variations. Here you should pay attention to the quality of the beanbag filling. The more bulging a beanbag is filled, the more expensive it is. The size of the beanbag as well as the beanbag cover also play a decisive role in the price. A beanbag is a very flexible piece of furniture and always adapts well to the user and his positioning, but you should also keep in mind that the beanbag filling is also sat flat to a point. There are different models made of various materials, such as fabric, synthetic or even genuine leather. The latter are of course in a different price range. Ideally, the beanbag should be water resistant in case you accidentally get it dirty.

Sound armchair

A slightly different gaming armchair is the so-called sound armchair. This variant has an integrated sound system and provides immediate sound while gaming without having to wear headphones. You can control the built-in sound boxes via Bluetooth or simply use the RCA connection. Often, sound chairs come with comfortable padding and thus also provide excellent seating comfort.

Gaming desks

PC gamers naturally need a suitable table for gaming. The most important criteria here are size, design and ergonomics. The design of such a table should of course fit your gaming room, but also have a practical shape (rectangular tables, for example, are a no-go). A lot of space is necessary to place several monitors and PCs on the table and to give your mouse enough room to move. For professional gamers who have long concentrated sessions, a height adjustable desk is recommended. This gives you the option to occasionally vary the height, adjust it differently for other people, or even gamble while standing up. Studies have shown that occasionally standing at the PC can promote circulation and concentration, as well as reduce shoulder and neck pain. For the most part, gaming desks are either available in black or white - ideally they can be customized to fit your setup's theme.

Console gamers don't necessarily need a table, but it's not wrong to have a cool and stylish table for gaming to put down your controllers or a glass of coke. This should not be a desk but rather a coffee table for gamers. It is important that it fits well into the room and lifts the gaming mood.

What matters when choosing a table, we show in the

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Display cases and shelves

It is important to keep your gaming room tidy and to present your most important gaming merchandise (be it figurines, equipment or clothing) well. You can achieve this with shelves or showcases in your room. You can best display your merch, for example the figurines of your favorite game, in a glass showcase. Glass display cases look very modern and high-end and add a certain preciousness and an extra exquisite touch to your merchandise. If you're looking to build more of a game-themed room, you can also use themed shelves or cabinets in your game room (like a Pac-Man or Super Mario shelf).

Lamps and clocks

A gaming lamp not only gives you light, it's also hip and stylish. There are different types of lamps, such as a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, etc., that you can put in your room.

Having an additional clock in your room is very practical, because you can always see the time. Here you can also choose between a wall clock and a grandfather clock. Alternatively, you can make your own unique gaming clock with old hardware.

Gaming rugs, pictures, posters and whatever else you can get on the wall.

White walls are a bit boring in a gaming room. You can easily beautify the walls with pictures, canvases, wall tattoos or posters. Just pick a picture with your favorite game or character. Alternatively, you can also create a poster or a canvas motif yourself online, if you can't find a suitable poster. If you don't want to hang a picture as such on your wall, then you can also think about using LED panels to create a character.

Rugs are a good addition to your gaming furniture and look stylish at the same time. If you want to pimp your gaming room a bit more, then you can get a themed rug.

All set up with new furniture and decor for your gaming room?

"Gaming furniture" and furnishings often score in the area of fancy design and functionality. They are not boring and are the perfect addition to any gaming room. If you want to spice up your furniture even more, you can easily do so with the right lighting or LED strip accents. If you want to read more about decorating your gaming room, click here.

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