Made to perform


Our LeetDesk gaming desk comes with many gaming performance enhancing features out-of-the-box. Discover everything your new desk has to offer!

LeetDesk - Standing PC Gaming Desk

Some gamers

demand more:

More focus.
More endurance.
More power.

Gaming in motion

Electric height adjustable from 63-128cm

More ergonomics

Gnome or orc? Every body is different! Your LeetDesk can be adjusted to your ergonomic seat height and supports your health.

Rage Quit Proof

Solid 2.5 cm MDF wood board Made in Germany

Design options

Pro cockpit or classic design

Pro Gaming Material

Anti-friction or -fingerprint thanks to Ghost Touch surface

3 universal sizes

Available in the 3 most requested sizes

High quality

The high-quality processed tabletop of the LeetDesk is specially manufactured in Germany.


The board is MDF - A particularly robust material made of wood.


The table top is made of only one piece and does not collapse even under high loads well over 100kg.

Ghost Touch

Heated matches will show on black table surfaces - just as RGB or keylights are reflected. The Ghost Touch surface makes all this disappear as if by magic.


You need maximum speed? The standard surface is coated with a light texture that reduces friction on the arms.

140x70cm | 55" x 28"

160x80cm | 63" x 34"

180x80cm | 70" x 34"

In the middle of the game

Optional cockpit - developed with esports players

optimized focus

In the middle of the game with maximum focus thanks to the unique cockpit section of the LeetDesk Pro

optimized design

The curved lines of the LeetDesk give your setup a unique look, while the cockpit cutout practically draws you to your computer.

optimized comfort

The cockpit is designed so that you can get close to the monitor and still rest your forearms comfortably on the table.

Twin motor power


High-lifting 2-fold power and ultra quiet motors at the same time

Super silent
Lifting capacity
38 mm/s
fast height change

Sleek interface

Design control unit with height memory macros

LeetDesk height adjustable gaming desks can be adjusted continuously and you can save up to 3 heights.

6 Soft-Touch Buttons

LeetDesk Aura LED Gaming Desk turned off
LeetDesk Aura LED Gaming Desk turned on
All new!

LeetDesk AURA with LED

20 customizable effects

512 individually controllable LED lights

Hardware-, music- and game-sync

Ready to Elevate
your Game?

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LeetDesk's mission is to improve your gaming experience - and it starts with the right table.


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  • 5-year warranty on all LeetDesk gaming desks

    5 year warranty

    LeetDesk gives 5 years warranty on all desks!

  • All LeetDesk gaming desks are electrically height adjustable for ergonomic sitting and standing

    Gaming Ergonomics

    Pro gamers rely on LeetDesk for performance and injury prevention

  • All LeetDesk gamer desks can be tested for 30 days.

    30 days money back guarantee

    Not sure? Simply order, set up and test for 30 days.

  • Free shipping within Germany for all gaming desks from LeetDesk

    Free delivery*

    Free shipping in selected countries when buying 2 or more products.

*Free delivery in selected countries, with the purchase of at least two (2) products.