Proper desk posture

Proper desk posture when sitting and gaming at the computer article

Séverine Dergham

Did you know,

that with a few tricks you can change your sitting behavior in such a way that you can increase your concentration on the one hand and prevent pain in the shoulder, back and neck area on the other? In addition to an ergonomic sitting posture, the magic word is "dynamic sitting" and is ideal for all people who spend a lot of time at the computer - whether in the office, gaming or professional esports.

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Proper sitting posture - what do I get out of it?

In the course of a lifetime, people sit for up to 80,000 hours, which makes a healthy sitting position all the more important. The importance of ergonomics during long PC sessions is becoming more and more present in times of home office, in the gaming scene and even more so among professional gamers. Sitting while working and gaming increases performance. A healthy posture promotes body and mind. Signs of fatigue as well as concentration problems occur at a much later stage due to an optimal sitting position at the PC or can be avoided altogether for important sessions. Of course, a healthy sitting posture also helps to avoid future pain.

The right sitting position at the desk

A sitting position that suits you is crucial. Gamers in particular should take a few minutes to optimize their sitting position, in addition to things like adjusting mouse sensitivity. This is at least as important for your long-term performance. Achieving optimal posture while working or gaming varies from person to person. This means you need to cater to your individual needs. Important are:

  1. Body size
  2. Physique
  3. Personal preferences

To achieve the best sitting posture for you, you must first make sure that your chair is properly adjusted. The most common mistakes include:

  1. Not utilizing the full seat depth
  2. Incorrect chair height
  3. Incorrect adjustment to the height of the table
  4. Back and armrests are adjusted incorrectly.

[H3] Optimal desk height

Chairs with adjustable functionalities as well as height-adjustable desks are optimal for getting an ergonomic sitting posture at the PC. This table can help you find a chair and desk height that is ergonomic for you.

👉 To find out how you can further optimize your sitting position with the right desk height, read our article "The ideal desk height".

Body height

Chair height

Desk height

158 cm

42 cm

63 cm

165 cm

44 cm

65 cm

173 cm

57 cm

68 cm


48 cm

71 cm


50 cm

74 cm

201 cm

54 cm

79 cm

[H2] Optimal screen height

Many people overlook the importance of monitor setting when adjusting their desk. Your desk height also affects your viewing angle.

For example, the monitor should only be placed at a height where your eyes have perfect contact with the display. Your eyes should not be strained. Ideally, the monitor should be placed so that your eyes are on the top quarter of the monitor and 1 arm's length (± 1 hand's length) away.

"Correct desk posture" myth

You've no doubt searched for "the right desk posture" on the Internet, but we'd like to point out that the concept of a "single correct sitting posture" is outdated. Optimally, your posture consists of a mix of ergonomic and dynamic sitting. But what exactly is ergonomic and dynamic sitting?

Ergonomic Sitting

As already mentioned, the optimal sitting posture consists of a mix of ergonomic and dynamic sitting. Ergonomic sitting means the posture in which you can sit at your desk for a long time without suffering postural problems in the long run. When sitting ergonomically, it is very important to pay attention to the correct angle of the legs, arms and back. This position puts very little strain on your body and muscles. Dynamic sitting, on the other hand, is very important for the constant promotion of blood circulation, here it is a matter of constantly changing the sitting position. In the ergonomic sitting position, your back should ideally be supported by the backrest of your chair in an upright position. The legs should rest on the floor at a comfortable 90° - 120° angle. To relieve shoulder strain, it's important to set your gaming desk at a height where you can rest your arms relaxed on the tabletop.

Even if this ergonomic sitting posture feels unfamiliar at first, it is still important to keep checking yourself in the beginning and readjust your posture.

Dynamic sitting

Unlike ergonomic sitting, dynamic sitting - or "active sitting" - is not a static posture in front of the PC. It's more about changing posture between, after and before gaming and working, because staying in the same static posture for too long isn't healthy in the long run either. Your muscles will protest if you just sit still.

The good news:

You don't have to feel guilty if you don't sit in the "right" (ergonomic) position at your desk, because the change is good for you.

The bad news:

Especially when gaming, you often forget everything around you and therefore also to change your sitting position - especially when you are in an important match, raid or similar. Set yourself a reminder or other supports to remind yourself - your body will thank you.

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Dynamic sitting with seat cushions?

Orthopedic cushions also help you to stay in constant motion, i.e. to sit dynamically. This also automatically trains your deep muscles, which are very important for the stability of your body.

Do gamers need seat cushions?

For games that require a lot of concentration and precision, we advise against the use of these cushions, because the wobble can be distracting! The situation is different for less intensive games like MMORPGs or auto-battler games, such as TFT. Of course, you can also use such a cushion very well when working in the home office.

These problems can be avoided by sitting properly at the PC.

  • Hand (tendonitis)
  • Intervertebral discs (stresses in the lumbar and cervical vertebrae)
  • Organs (impairments for digestion, breathing, concentration)
  • Legs (pressure points in the area of the flexor sides and ischial tuberosities)
  • Impairments of blood circulation (lymphatic congestion)
  • Musculature (tension in the abdominal, back, shoulder, neck and hip muscles)

What are the benefits of the right sitting position at the desk?

Better blood circulation

An ergonomic sitting posture at the PC is optimal for the blood circulation of your body. But even better is a dynamic change of your posture: sometimes higher, sometimes lower, sometimes standing and sometimes walking a few steps. It is important that your legs are properly supplied with blood in between. A rough guideline is to stand or walk for about 10 minutes after 2 hours of gaming / working.

Better concentration

You can concentrate better on your game without feeling pain after long sessions. With your correct sitting posture, you can stay focused longer and thus maintain or even increase your gaming performance.

Better Reaction & Performance

Overall, your responsiveness and performance will increase. Result: You will experience less fatigue. This also means you won't have pain (e.g. in your back or wrist) as quickly after long matches. Your body feels fit longer in general. "Proper" or "ideal" sitting helps your body draw strength and conserve energy because your body isn't tense at full speed.

3 tips for a healthy sitting position at the computer

1. Train yourself to sit "correctly" or ergonomically.

This position will probably seem strange or uncomfortable at first. In the beginning, try sitting like this for a few minutes every hour. In time, you'll find it easier and you'll notice your shoulders and neck relaxing.

2. get into the habit of dynamic sitting

The more often you change your sitting position, the better! Also try to stand up in between; at best, walk a few steps. Set reminders or an alarm clock to remind you to change or get into a routine, e.g. always stand at map changes or zoom calls.

Upgrade your gaming setup or home office with ergonomic furniture

On a small wooden chair in front of a folding table, it's hard to have several comfortable and healthy sitting positions. If you care about your health, you should also be willing to spend a little money on it.

Ready to optimize your gaming position?

As a conclusion, the more dynamic adjustment options you have at your gaming desk or workstation, the better it is for your game, your work and your physical health. This way you'll always be fit for your next match or your next meeting at the home office. Remember that it's not just about "sitting properly at the PC", but rather finding a healthy and relaxed sitting posture.

Your furniture and peripherals play an important role in this. Gaming should be fun and not cause pain. If you play an extreme amount of games, for example because you are into e-sports, remember that no professional sport is healthy in itself. Painkillers aren't a permanent solution, but healthy sitting habits will help you play longer sessions and gamble with fewer problems in the long run.