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Florian Schoen
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Welcome to the Wasteland!

At Saturn Xperion in in Cologne, Berlin, or Hamburg, it's not just about the fantastic gaming hardware and LeetDesks ready for testing, but also some great props. We couldn't miss the chance and have crafted a post-apocalyptic gaming setup in the style of Fallout just for you. It holds up, guaranteed, until it doesn't!

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Gaming Setup Decor

A Nuka-Cola always refreshes the mood (and the Geiger counter)! With these props in a metallic display case and a lamp in an industrial retro style, the post-apocalyptic setup comes together seamlessly.

Gaming Setup Look: The Fallout Diner

While some raiders might repurpose a diner as an outpost, we've transformed it into a gaming setup. The centerpiece is a glowing gaming setup. We've paired this modern technology with a table styled after the 1950s diner aesthetic and coupled it with a coffee mug and spice bottles to bridge the virtual world with an iconic past.

In the background, the warm glow of an "OPEN" neon sign casts a welcoming light, completing our vision of a place where retro American charm meets a post-apocalyptic future.

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Gaming Setup Equipment

True to form, the desk is the standing gaming desk LeetDesk Dark Classic in 160x80cm ith a red border and the Anti-Fingerprint Ghost Touch surface. It also comes equipped with our cable tray for clean cable management and a monitor mount for more flexible working and gaming. The chair is the RECARO Exo Platinum Black. The monitor is a Samsung Odyssey G7. The keyboard is a Logitech Pro X and the mouse a Logitech G 502 X.

Farewell, lone wanderer!

We hope you like our Fallout-style gaming setup and that you've found some inspiration for your own. Feel free to browse our blog for more. Otherwise, we leave you with a quote from the White Bird in FNV: "Go! Return maybe yes, return maybe no. But go."

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