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PC Games Hardware

PC Games Hardware is a monthly German-language computer magazine. It is published by Computec Media, based in Fürth, and mainly deals with hardware for PC gamers.

Review verdict

If you are looking for an electrically height-adjustable desk at which you can work and play with optimum ergonomics while sitting and standing, then buying the Leetdesk gaming desk is the right choice. For just 600 euros, you get a very stable, sturdy and high-quality sit-stand desk with height adjustment that is in no way inferior to office desks designed for ergonomic working while standing or sitting. What we also liked is the fact that you can choose the additional equipment as an option and, if you are on a tight budget, you only have to add a fifty for the very useful and actually indispensable cable duct. The Ghost Touch surface is pleasant, but if you have to turn over every penny individually, you can do without it just as much as the PC or monitor holder. These extras have no influence on the ergonomics, stability and sturdiness.

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Computer Bild, published by Axel-Springer-Verlag, is a computer magazine that is published in several countries, sometimes under a different name.

Review verdict

If you don't just play at home, but also work, you should buy a desk with a motor. Like the test winner Leetdesk Pro, which is almost perfect, but also really expensive at just under 800 euros. In return, the gamer gets a high-quality, ergonomic and stable table where almost everything fits perfectly.

PC Games

PC Games is a German computer games magazine published by Computec Media in Fürth and has been in existence since 1992.

Review verdict

Once you have completed the assembly, you will need help turning the LeetDesk over, as it is quite heavy. Visually, the finished piece of office furniture really makes a statement thanks to the high-quality workmanship throughout. The color scheme we chose for the test (Crosshair Red) looks really classy. The electric height adjustment works perfectly thanks to two synchronized motors in the table legs and is also very quiet. The minimum height of the table top is approx. 64 cm, the maximum height (which is reached in a few seconds) is 1.28 m. This means that even tall people can work/gamble comfortably while standing. A memory function with three programmable settings ensures that you don't have to remember the optimum settings for your needs. The initial setup of the device is easy and the LeetDesk always worked perfectly throughout the test.


GameStar is a German computer games magazine based in Munich.

Review verdict

It borders a little on gluttony, that's how much I like the Leetdesk Aura. I really like the RGB bling bling and the matt surface (except for the dust). I also love how smoothly the height can be adjusted and that I can change the light strip myself.


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Review verdict

The LeetDesk is not only a sit-stand desk for professional gamers, but also for gaming fans who want high-quality equipment for working in the home office and for long gaming sessions in their free time. The LeetDesk offers enough space for several screens, a mouse, a keyboard and other accessories and enables an immersive and comfortable gaming and working environment thanks to its height adjustability and saved positions. In addition to its ergonomic features, the LeetDesk also offers an elegant design with its GhostTouch coating and various sizes and customized cuts. Made from high-quality materials, it is both robust and durable. The modern, sleek design makes the Leetdesk an elegant piece of furniture that will fit into any workspace or playroom. If the chosen colors do not differ too much from the decor of the room. Unfortunately, the Leetdesk is not affordable for everyone, and even if its price is justified by the points mentioned above, it remains financially difficult to access and is aimed at a clientele that is willing to put in the resources to achieve a certain level of perfection.


Founded in 2000, this webzine about computers and multimedia offers news, reviews and downloads of software applications as well as community services.

Review verdict

While most manufacturers offer expensive and flashy sit-stand gaming desks, LeetDesk has opted for a product that doesn't blend in with the crowd. And that's undoubtedly a good thing. Even though the bill is relatively high compared to other products, especially with some options, the desk is ultimately quite reasonable and fits in with many interiors. Its up and down system is absolutely convincing and quiet, while the comfort and finish are hard to attack. The standard surface is a little too attractive for marks and dust.