Our Single Monitor Arm is sold out

New Single Monitor Arm

Our Single Monitor Arm is sold out

But we also bring good news! ⭐️

Starting in May 2023, there will be a new and better Single Monitor Arm for you. It will be equipped with a mechanical spring - instead of a gas spring - allowing for easier and more accurate adjustment of the arm. In addition, the new Single Monitor Arm will be super easy to mount, thanks to the clever plug-in system. And to customize your gaming setup even more, the monitor arm will also be available in white.

At LeetDesk, it's important to us to constantly develop our products and get the best out of them. So you can enjoy a breathtaking gaming experience at home. That's how we take gaming to the next level. 🔝

Thank you for your support and patience!

The LeetDesk Team 👋

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