LeetDesk: The ultimate gaming desk is highly praised by Clubic

French computer magazine Clubic rates the LeetDesk gaming desk with 8 out of 10 points.

The innovative, made in Germany desk, that seamlessly integrates gaming and productivity for sitting and standing, was praised by Clubic for its sleek, modern design and its quiet motor system, which allows for easy height adjustment. Clubic lauded the LeetDesk for its comfort, sturdiness, and the speed and noiselessness of its motors. The "cockpit" design of the Pro model, which was developed in collaboration with esports players, was particularly highlighted as being practical, as it allows users to rest their forearms on the sides and sit closer to the screen. The high-quality materials of the LeetDesk, including metal, wood, and plastic, were praised for their durability and solid construction. The desk's height is controlled via a user-friendly button box, in which up to three height profiles can be stored. The motors are impressively quiet and feature an anti-collision system for safety. The LeetDesk is available in three sizes and offers a variety of customization options and accessories. 

Clubic pointed out some minor drawbacks, such as the tendency of the standard surface to attract fingerprints and dust, and the visibility of the cables. However, it's important to note that the tested model was not equipped with LeetDesk's "Ghost Touch" surface, which is resistant to fingerprints, and also did not include our cable management tray, which allows users to neatly hide their cables.

In conclusion, LeetDesk has created a successful product that meets the needs of gamers and professionals alike, brings innovative changes to the world of gaming desks, and is highly praised by Clubic.

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