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LeetDesk Pro White Gaming Desk in a clean setup
LeetDesk Pro at the Warcraft 3 World Championship RaRaland
Black gaming desk setup with LeetDesk Pro.

LeetDesk Pro

Our high-quality premium gaming desk made in Germany with 2 powerful motors and very high stability.

Table top

Add Ons

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38 mm/s

Height adjustment

63 - 128 cm



Tabletop material

1 solid MDF piece

Tabletop thickness

25 mm

Noise level

< 40 dB

Load Capacity

120 KG


High: Ideal for heavy gaming PCs and multiple monitors.

Anti-Collision System

3D Protection: Stops when an external force blocks the movement of the gaming desk from any direction.

Smart app compatible



5 years
LeetDesk Pro Gaming Desk Cable Outlet

Cable outlet

The slight groove at the end of the desk allows for cables to be routed.

Electrically height-adjustable gaming desk with 2 motors 120kg LeetDesk Pro

2 powerful motors

The two motors effortlessly lift up to 120kg at 38 mm/s with a quiet 40 dB.

Adjustable desk glides for a sturdy gaming desk stand

Adjustable gliders

Thanks to the adjustable glides, the desk always stands straight and firm.

The handset of a LeetDesk Pro gaming desk.

3 Memory Handset

Store up to 3 heights and recall them at the press of a button, accurate to the centimeter.

Stand Sit Game

Sit or stand ergonomically at your desk and relieve your shoulders, back, and neck. But the desks can also be individually adjusted for each game.

The LeetDesk Pro is perfect for gaming while standing.

Used by pro gamers

Renowned Esports teams like SK Gaming or BIG rely on LeetDesk for maximum stability and fine-tuning.

Two pro gamers from SK Gaming are gaming at the LeetDesk Pro gaming desk.
LeetDesk Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk in Fallout Theme

The best gaming desk

The LeetDesk Pro is the top pick and recommended gaming desk according to leading hardware and gaming magazines.

Award-winning features

Cockpit for maximum immersion

Low maintenance, high quality gaming desk that repels spills.

Ghost Touch Surface

Low maintenance, high-quality gaming desk that resists spills and dings.

Various customization options

Choose from different colors, shapes, and accessories - whatever fits into your setup!

LeetDesk Pro Gaming Desk with cockpit cutout for increased immersion and a closer screen distance.
BIG relies on LeetDesk for both their gamers and office.
Red Gaming Desk Electrically Height Adjustable
  • Leetdesk gaming desks are tested by esports players.

    Esports Approved

    Prominent teams are choosing LeetDesk gaming desks.

  • All gaming desks from LeetDesk are electrically height adjustable.

    Electrically Height Adjustable

    Between 63 and 128 cm.

  • The gaming desk can be further expanded with the add-ons from LeetDesk.

    Individually customizable

    Upgrade your desk with matching accessories

  • The LeetDesk gaming desks are produced in Germany.

    Made in Germany

    Our tabletops are produced in Germany.

Reviews from our customers

LeetDesk Pro: The High-End Gaming Desk

The LeetDesk Pro is the ultimate gaming desk for demanding gamers who don't want to compromise. Available in sizes 140 x 70 cm (discontinued model, while supplies last), 160 x 70 cm, 180 x 70 cm, and 200 x 80 cm, the LeetDesk Pro provides enough space for all your gaming gear. Choose between the elegant desk colors Dark (black) and Light (white) and mix and match table top and frame as you please to create your perfect setup. The table top of the LeetDesk Pro is made of extremely durable MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and is 25 mm thick. You can choose between the classic shape with smooth rounded corners and a small cutout for cable outlets, or the version with a cockpit cutout. The latter offers a larger cutout at the front, allowing you to sit closer and more immersed in the screen while comfortably resting your arms. The table surface is coated with a special coating that magically makes fingerprints disappear and is more scratch-resistant than traditional surfaces - ideal for black furniture where fingerprints quickly become visible. The stable stainless steel table frame of the LeetDesk Pro ensures maximum stability and can be combined with the table top in Dark or Light as desired. The height adjustability is done electrically by two powerful motors that can adjust heights between 63 cm and 128 cm continuously. With an impressive speed of 38 mm/s and a weight capacity of up to 120 kg, this PC gaming desk offers maximum flexibility. The three-dimensional anti-collision mechanism provides additional safety by automatically stopping if the desk is blocked during raising or lowering or experiences lateral vibrations. The LeetDesk Pro can be upgraded with all LeetDesk add-ons, including cable channels for better cable management, monitor mounts for more flexible screen positioning, and PC mounts for heavy gaming PCs. With these extensions, you can further personalize and optimize your setup. The LeetDesk Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line, high-quality gaming desk that excels in both design and functionality.

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