New Look New Feel!

Our new website with mini-games and new features

There not only new products on our new website. We have revised the look and added a few practical features. But the most important thing: We have hidden 3 mini-games on the LeetDesk website for you to make browsing even more fun. Beat the highscore and get a reward for your efforts!

LeetDesk AURA ⭕️ info page

Our LeetDesk AURA is really something special. That's why we've dedicated a separate page to it. Here you can learn even more about the RGB gaming desk and be enchanted by its features. We can already tell you: the LeetDesk AURA is the WOW effect that makes your gaming experience unique.

Check out the LeetDesk AURA ⭕️ here.


We have hidden 3 mini-games on our new website. Your task is to find them and beat the high score. Of course, your journey of discovery should not go unrewarded. With each mini-game you win, you will receive a part of a coupon code. Master all three games, assemble the code and unlock a free Cable Management Tray.

Good luck in your quest! 🔍

Save your configuration

You've put together your perfect LeetDesk, but still need a little time to decide to buy? No problem! You can now easily save your individual configuration and share it directly with your friends. So you can take your time to design your LeetDesk - without losing your perfection work.

Why don't you give it a try right now? 💾

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