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It’s nothing but an honor to be reviewed by the leading outlet for gaming hardware in Germany but quite another thing to win the comparative test! The reviewer Frank also wrote a stand-alone test on the LeetDesk so make sure to check it out as well.

Update 09.08.21: If you happen to stop by your local magazine store make sure to grab a copy of the PCGH issue 09/2021 and check out the big gaming desk review article in which yours truly comes out on top 🥳

👉Benchmark test by pcgh.de (German)

👉Stand-alone test by pcgh.de (German)

Review summary:

“If you are looking for an electrically height-adjustable desk where you can work and play with optimal ergonomics while sitting and standing, you will do everything right by buying the Leetdesk gaming table. For as little as 600 euros, you get a very stable, sturdy sit-stand desk that is manufactured with very high quality and whose height adjustment is in no way inferior to office desks designed for ergonomic working while standing or sitting. What we also liked is the fact that you can choose the other equipment as an option, and if you’re on a tight budget, you only have to add a fifty for the very useful and actually indispensable cable channel. The Ghost Touch surface is pleasant, but those who have to spend every cent individually can do without it just like the PC or monitor holder. These extras have no influence on the ergonomics, stability and stableness."

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