Coming soon: LeetDesk Aura

LeetDesk Aura

LeetDesk presents: The AURA

Our upcoming model will be equipped with a full RGBW capable LED strip that forms the outer edge of the desk. Integrate the AURA into your setup at home by matching it to any color. Simply change the AURA’s color by using our app or sync it with your smart home solution. 

Adjust the LED’s intensity to create a spectaular scenery at home or emit only a subtle ambience light – after all, we don’t want to distract you from your game! Choose from emitting a steady color or go bonkers with a plethora of effects like pulse, wave, rainbow and more. 

It is still in development and won’t come out until the end of 2022, but you can already pre order it and you wont be charged a cent, until the LeetDesk Aura is ready for shipping!

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