Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

LeetDesk's Wireless Charger Add-On can charge all your Qi supported devices through the table surface.

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Wireless Charger out of stock.

The wireless charger will be out of stock for the forseeable future due to supplier issues. We aplogize for the incoveniece. Read more in the news.

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Charge as if by magic

Too many cables on the table? Wireless charging of your Qi-compatible devices like most smartphones or compatible mice now works like magic. Just attach it anywhere under your desk, plug it in, and start charging. Only the LeetDesk Wireless Charger is strong enough to penetrate the 25mm thick MDF tabletop.

The LeetDesk Wireless Charger charges all Qi-compatible devices through the tabletop

With or without cable

The Wireless Charger also offers 2 additional ports, each with a USB-A and a USB-C port. This way, you can also have other devices within reach and easily supply them with power via cable.

The LeetDesk induction charger also has 2 USB ports for charging via cable


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