Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

The LeetDesk Monitor Arm gives your monitor new freedom of movement. Move, rotate and adjust your monitor to suit your needs.

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Full flexibility

The three freely adjustable joints of the monitor mount allow you to adjust it to almost any position. The monitor holder even allows you to rotate your monitor by 90° and thus align it in longitudinal format - ideal for coding or other tasks.

The LeetDesk Monitor Arm can rotate any screen (pivot)


Due to the VESA hole pattern (75×75 and 100×100), our monitor arm is compatible with all common monitors. Just about all known monitor models with removable base up to 9.5 kg can thus be attached to the Vesa monitor mount.

Two LeetDesk monitor mounts can also be placed side by side for a dual monitor setup

The perfect alignment for every game

Get immersed or keep the overview

The LeetDesk monitor mount on your desk allows you to move your monitor freely and easily. So you can pull your screen closer to you when playing games to get closer to the action or create distance when you need an overview.


The desk mount allows you to pull the monitor closer to you so you can see your crosshairs and thus your opponents better. By eliminating the bulky monitor stand, you also have more flexibility for free mouse & keyboard placement.


When playing strategy games, it is important to have the complete picture in view at all times in order to be able to process all information quickly. Our PC screen mount helps you by adjusting your monitor so that you always have a complete overview.


The best speed rush comes when you're sitting in the middle of the track. Position your monitor directly at eye level to simulate a windshield. With a triple-monitor setup, you can even set up all three around you.

The LeetDesk Monitor Arm allows full control over screen distance and mouse and keyboard placement


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